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  A message sent 4/30/04, from

  I loved pac and still do baby. he kept it real with all the homies ain't no one like him
I miss him and love him.gone but not forgotten. my cousins died in a car crash a year ago one was 15 and one was 17. pacs music helped. the 15 year old was 1 month pregnant.I miss um its not faif. but pac helped
love you pac
your homie for life
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 Dear Cathy,
First of all, I must say that your "Death in the Desert" is by far the best work on the Binion Murder Trial yet written: "Quicksilver" is little more then a comic book; "Murder in Sin City" is poorly written and obviously biased; And "An Early Grave" is a fictionalized account of the trial. Your work is the only objective account of Sandy Murphy's and Rick Tabish's trial. I am working on my own book which will include the 2nd trial, (if there is one), that I either call: "Black Tar Death" if Sandy and Rick are acquitted, or "Injustice Squared" if they are reconvicted. Unlike yourself, I am not objective about the case, I am fully convinced that Sandy and Rick are innocent and that the Binion family framed them, and that is the stand I will take in my book.
I greatly respect you as a writer, and only hope I can do half as well with my endeavor. You had the guts to give them a fair hearing in your book, despite the looming threat of the Binion family, I admire you for that. And thank you for a good read, and an inspirational endeavor.
--Shabi Trick.

Dear Charles--
Thanks very much for your kind words. I too am a firm believer that no
murder occurred and that two people were wrongly convicted. It's truly a
travesty of justice.

I look forward to your book.

Cathy Scott

Hi Cathy,

I just finished reading:" the Killing of Tupac Shakur" and would like to commend you for your extensive research.
I 'd like to ask: Have you ever seen the documentary " BIGGIE and TUPAC" By
Nick Bloomfield?
If yes, what do you think of the alleged evidence pointing at suge knight as
the mastermind behind Tupac's murder?
I've been a strong believer that suge knight has something to do with it, but after reading your book and watching how orlando anderson was beaten up by the Death Row entourage, I had flashbacks to my teenage years when I was jumped by several guys from another neighborhood and kicked almost the same way, I remember the first thing that I did was to find my friends and then run back to find the guys who attacked me. In other words retaliate ASAP! This is why I believe that Orlando wanted to retaliate, not sit and cooperate with the police. This explains the series of violent shootings in Compton between the Crips and Bloods that followed Tupac's shooting. It's apparent that gang members just wanted to take action in their own hands. They'd never talk to the police!
I think posting the autopsy picture was essential in stopping the rumours that Tupac is still alive. Like Bruce Lee and Elvis Presley. Show some respect and let them rest in peace!!!!!!!!!
Thanks again for the valuable information and great book!
Wishing you the best,
Please write me back!

steven steen

Dear Steven,

Thanks very much for your note.
Re: your question about Suge Knight, there never was any evidence -- or even alleged evidence -- linking Suge to Tupac's murder in any way, shape or form. He was never a suspect. The Biggie and Tupac documentary was based solely on one disgruntled ex-cop's theory. He despised Suge and wanted to see him go down. From all I've researched and learned since Tupac's murder, I still firmly believe today that Suge Knight had nothing whatsoever to do with Tupac's murder. Tupac's murder had everything to do with street justice, plain and simple.

Thanks for reading the book.

All my best,


Dear Ms. Scott:

i would like to ask you a quick question, during your time researching all that you did on Tupac, did you catch wind of any of his mothers feelings about, the release of his music in remixed form, was it what she wanted or what she had 2 do, im not sure if you would know this but a lot of the fans are frustrated with the editing and remixing,....also do you know who visited tupac in hospital from the time he was shot and the time he died?

thanks for all your good work and your book is very professional and informative



A police guard, as well as private guards, were at Tupac's door 24 hours a day. The trauma unit also had -- and still does -- an armed guard in the waiting room. In order to get through the door to the trauma unit, you have to be approved and on the visitors list, then the door is buzzed to let you in. The only people who visited him were approved by Afeni Shakur. They were family members and close friends, including a few in the rap business and, of course, Rev. Jesse Jackson, who prayed at is bedside. Many people wanted to go in, but were not allowed. They waited outside. Visitors took turns and nurses were with them when they visited Tupac for just 5 minutes at a time, which are hospital rules.

As for the mixing, much of the 200-plus singles recorded by Tupac were unfinished, so it's being mixed. He was in the studio a lot the year before his death, but not all of it was finished and CD ready. Thus, the mixing. I don't think they have much of a choice but to mix. The quality of the mixing, of course, is what is being questioned. Suge has been in and out of jail and prison since Tupac's death and hasn't had a direct hands-on approach. The quality clearly is lacking, plus any so-called "clues" about his death are being mixed in to help sell records. It appears to be all about the bottom line. If you notice on the official site for Tupac, which is overseen by his mother, it's about the music and pushing his records.

Thanks for your note.

Cathy Scott


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Dear Ms. Scott:
I have read your book "The killing of Tupac Shakur" and I saw a documentary with you and Eric M. Dyson and I want to thank you for digging deeper and telling me what you perceive about the investigation. I know this case has cost you a lot.

I was wondering about the bodyguard who was in the documentary also. I think that his name was Alexander or something I was wondering if you would have his address or E-mail address. If you have it will you please E-mail it to me Please!

Thanks in Advance, Keep up the good work
Vivian Gales

Thanks for your note and for your kind words.

I'm not at liberty to hand out Frank Alexander's personal email address. Sorry. But you might try going through the Web site for his video. It's

Cathy Scott

Dear Cathy, i want to congratulate you on the "Killing of Tupac Shakur" book. Although you pointed out alot, and i do mean alot of evidence of Tupac being dead. Im still searching for answers. Im a 50/50 believer. I dont want to jump to conclusions, so i try to look at both sides of the story. Now, i have a few questions here that i would appreciate if you could answer, so i hope you do.

Question # 1
We, the Tupac fans know for a fact that the cover of the album "Don Killuminati - 7 Day Theory" shows Tupac on the cross. Also if you look closely, you can clearly see that Tupac has a wound on the left side of his ribs. With that being said, if we look at your "autopsy pic" we find the same exact wound, again on the left side of his ribs. How is this possible when the cover of the album was Tupacs own idea?Your autopsy looks to be related to the cover of the "7 Day Theory Album." If not, why this striking resemblance. I mean it looks as if he was taken right off the cross from the album, and put on that autopsy table. I dont know, i might be tripping, but i would appreciate your thoughts on this.

Thanking you in advanced

ThugThespian_96 of

P.S. I know that you gise need permission to post the messages on the website, and i do give you permission. Cant wait for your reply Cathy. Once again, great book.

Dear Kray_Z_ Straped_96,

If you recall, Tupac was shot in two separate shootings, one in 1994 and the other in 1996, when he died. He was shot in the torso in '94. The autopsy photo was not taken from the left side, as you said, but, rather, at his right side. Tupac had scars from the 1994 shooting at Quad Studios in Manhattan. He also underwent several surgeries at University Medical Center in Las Vegas following the fatal shooting, so there are also incisions and sutures that can be seen in the autopsy photos.

No, the autopsy photo had no relation to the album cover, and trying to make a case to link them is grabbing at straws. The autopsy photo was taken of Tupac's body AFTER the coroner's examination was competed. If you look at Tupac's abdomen in the autopsy photo, it's concave. That's because his organs had been removed for processing (tests). It's not a fake, if that's what you're asking me. I'm a professional journalist. I'm not putty in someone's hands. The photo was straight out of the files, not concocted, not touched up, not anything. It's simply an autopsy photo, simiar to the ones leaked out in the Marilyn Monroe and JFK cases. I can't be bought, coerced or whatever. And I am not a pawn. The photo is an official and authentic autopsy photo of Tupac's body and no one else's.

I don't quite understand your "striking resemblance" of Tupac question. The autopsy photo was of Tupac, so, of course, it resembles him because it is him.

Thanks for your note and for the comments about my book!


why make a book about tupac and biggie?
You adnitted yourself that you didn't know them until they passed. why is everyone making money off of tupac shakur? Since you wrote mainly about his life shouldn't afeni see some money? also the autopsy picture was an insult to tupac himself and all his fans. His friends, family, and true fans know that tupac amaru shakur passed away on 9-13-96. i think the photo was very disrespectful and unprofessional.
what proof do you have that orlando anderson was even in the white cadillac that night.
And if he was and indeed shoot tupac why wouldn't the entourage return fire, i mean they just beat him earlier that night so why let him get away scott free. Suge didnt drive straight to the hospital. why? and who has the guts to shoot into a car with ten cars behind it. just doesnt add up. Some of those guys in the entourage must have gotten a look at the shooters. It smells like an inside job, maybe orlando was a 1996 lee harvey oswald.


Dear Gptaylor03,

It's not a matter "making money" off of someone. I wrote about unsolved murder cases I wanted to explore. Most crime writers don't know the victims in their books because they don't become involved until after their deaths. But that doesn't make them any less qualified to write about their cases.
There is strong evidence, by the way, that Orlando Anderson was the shooter in the Tupac slaying. But, as you suggested, someone else may very well have been behind it. I've said that all along.
While I don't agree with everything you said, I respect your right to your opinion.

Thanks for writing.


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Dear Cathy,
I am writing because I wanted to find the picture of tupac's autopsy they had on the internet I was wondering if you knew the site I could go to or could send me a picture via email @

Hi, Sandy--
You can find the autopsy photo inside my book, The Killing of Tupac Shakur. What is now on the Internet has been copied and pasted from my book, not posted by me. They're poor-quality reproductions. There's even one that someone colorized (which, by the way, does not match the orginal color photo I have, since the person who colorized it was guessing).

I don't provide copies of the autopsy photo, other than in the book. Sorry.


Dear Cathy,

Can I first congratulate you on this facility, I feel it's admirable and commendable for an author to be in touch with their readers. Also, I have just finished reading your work on the killing of Biggie Smalls and enjoyed it very much. I'm not sure if you are aware of the level of interest in Biggie and Tupac over here in England, if not, let me assure that it is enormous. Just last week I watched Jay-Z perform live over here and he took a few moments to pay tribute to his fallen peers. When 'Pac and Biggie's names were mentioned, the roof nearly blew off. I think it would be fair to say that these two now represent Black idols to many youngsters in the UK, their appeal is limitless.

As I said, I thoroughly enjoyed your book and having recently watched Nick Broomfield's documentary film 'Biggie&Tupac,' I would be very interested to know your opinion on his work. Afeni Shakur was conspicuous by her absence on his film, and I felt he thus tainted her image somewhat with salacious implications that she exploits her son's image. Any thoughts? Would love to hear them...

Daniel Barrett, Bolton, England.

P.S Without meaning to be nasty, it must be rather tiresome to have to repeatedly crush the desperate pleas of the masses that Tupac is alive. Many of the enquiries I see above ask the same question, again congratulations on your patience!

Dear Daniel,

The British documentary, "Biggie and Tupac," was based in large part on the assertions made by Russell Poole, a disgruntled LAPD officer who worked with investigators on the Biggie Smalls murder case for about half a minute. He was never named a detective on the case. He is the only one -- and I stress, only one -- who named Suge Knight, David Mack and a man named Mohammed as orchestrating Biggie's murder in retaliation for Tupac's death. Police investigated that angle and came up with nothing. If there was one shred of evidence that Suge Knight had anything to do with Biggie's murder, they would have indicted him. Again, the investigation into that angle came up empty. Police have since put Suge in jail for consorting with unsavory characters while on probation. That's how badly they wanted him in jail, that they grabbed at straws to jail him again. As for Tupac's mother, she's been interviewed in other documentaries, including bodyguard Frank Alexander's (I was interviewed for that too). If she didn't buy into their theory, that's probably why she declined to be interviewed. Or maybe they didn't even try. Either way, the documentary is not the definitive answer to either of the murders.


Thanks for taking the time to write to me.

I appreciate your comments.



Dear Cathy,


I am a big 2pac shakur fan. and every website I have looked at has your name.and says you know if pac is alive i have one question is he alive? please respond i know your probably really busy and may not have to much time for this but i would like to know. i have another question where could i purchase the bood you wrote.


Dear Craig,
No, Tupac is not alive. You may pick up my book at any book store or from online book stores (,, etc.). If the book store in your area doesn't have it in stock, just ask them to order it. you can do that at any book store over the phone and they'll call you, usually in a week, when it's in. The 2nd edition of The Killing of Tupac Shakur, released last September, is available now, so you'll be getting the latest information on the Tupac investigation.

Thanks for the note. Peace.

Cathy Scott

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Dear Cathy

Got your book,"The Killing of Tupac Shakur", the 2nd. addition. Real good read. Could not put it down. Helped me to understand some things better. And, of course, there's still going to be some things I'm not sure I'll ever understand.

I thought I had read somewhere, that you were either writing another book on the killing of Tupac, or you were going to do a 3rd. edition. If this is true, would you please let me know when you expect the book to be out.

To those of you who may not have read, "The Killing of Tupac Shakur", I very highly suggest you do. I think you will be glad you did.

Thank you,

Dear Glenda,
The 2nd edition of The Killing of Tupac Shakur was just released in September, so it's the most current and up-to-date version, with fresh interviews and the latest information.

Thanks very much for taking the time to reading it. Thanks also for your kind words.

Best regards,



Dear Cathy


many say 2pac is alive.... even I think this, I mean if you look at the autopsy, they say its fake...but can you please explain to me how its NOT fake? I also believe he is alive because of the 7 day theory, for some reason the number 7 keeps poppin up. why is that? was this planned? and in tupac's songs you can hear voices about him being alive, if you can, get the song from bone thugs feat 2pac, and at the time 1:15 (1+1+5=7) in the background it can be heard saying "he alive he alive he alive" can you please let me know your feelings about tupac, and is there any other proof that he is dead besides the autopsy picture?


thank you for your time, I hope I didn't say anything bad. Hadjiro

P.S. also my email is


Dear Hadjiro,

Tupac's music is mixed by record producers who want to sell music. They're the ones who put the voices in the background to continue the hype to, again, sell records. And numbers are just numbers, nothing more.


Have a happy new year, and thanks for writing to me.

Best regards,


Dear Cathy,


I was just wondering if you happened to hear what 2pac says on his new 'Better Dayz' CD in track 14 on disc 2. I don't want to say it all here but to some up what he says, he says "Expect me, like you expect him to come back, expect me, i'm comin.' I edited it out but he repeats it twice. I've heard of a lot of hidden messages in his music and there's a lot of evidence supporting that 2pac is still alive, but there is a lot supporting that he died. I was just wondering if you could tell me why 2pac has messages in his songs saying that he is alive and is in fact coming back when he is really not alive.


Thanks. - Patrick

P.S. I saw permission is needed to have our question and email put up on the site, I give permission.


Dear Patrick,

It's evidence that the record company who mixed his music wants you to believe, to make you think he's still here. It sells music, causes people to wonder and buy more of his music. It's a gimmick. I deal in facts, not "hidden messages" and supposed rumors. He died, plain and simple.


Thanks for your note.

Best regards,


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Dear Cathy,

Last month I turned 36 and my heart sank. Although I've only been working toward a writing career for a little over a year I fear that time and my age are working against me. Then I read the article about your freelance work that appeared in the October issue of Writer's Digest. When I read that you began your writing career at age 38 my heart soared. May I ask what specific advantages did being older and coming into writing as a second career give you?

Best regards,
Kim White
Indianapolis, IN

Dear Kim.
Age has nothing to do with it (and 36 is not even close to being old!). If anything, age helps. Freelance writing is extremely difficult to break into if you don't have any experience. I suggest you take some writing courses and try to freelance for some publications in your area -- smaller magazines, weekly newspapers, etc. That's how you get bylines and clips.

Good luck!

Dear Ms. Scott,

Great work on the killings of Tupac and Biggie. I was wondering what was your personal opinon on tha Rolling Stone article about Biggie's murder, also tha LA Times on Tupac's murder, also tha Tupac and Biggie documentry if you have seen it. --ACourt

Dear ACourt4Life,

It's a nice work of fiction woven by a disgruntled cop, via an eager writer, who never saw the inside of either investigation.

As for the L.A. Times story saying Biggie paid to have Tupac killed, that's not true either. You can read the second edition of "The Killing of Tupac Shakur" where it's all laid out.

Thanks for the note.

Best regards,

hi. Cathy
first off, i went in a chat room and people were talking about tupac and someone said that he was alive because they went on and saw Tupac Shakurs address and phone #.well my question is,did he have a family member also named Tupac Shakur?he lived in Winston Salem, NC. my son is a tupac fan. could u please answer my question, and put it in your ASKCathy part. thank you. Irene

Tupac once lived in Atlanta and, later, Los Angeles. He was living in Calabasas, Calif., at the time of his death. His mother was living in Georgia. Anybody can put up an address and telephone number and say it's his. That doesn't make it so.

Thanks for the note and for stopping by my site.

Best regards,

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Dear Cathy Scott,

I have loved tupac ever since I heard the sound of the first note of music I heard him sing. In fact, I'm listening to him right now.He did not deserve what happened and niether did his family. Especially Afeni, which she probably worried about the same death scenario as in L.A throughout the years she raised him. Her bad dreams finally came true.

My deepest sympathies to all of tupac's family and friends for the loss they have suffered.I don't know maybe the don kiluminante theory will prevail fom him in 2003? I'm still waiting, I've been waiting for that type of final closure on his death since september 7th of 1996,Haven't you? Why don't you email me and tell me what you think.

Brendan Lucas

Dear Brendan,
Thanks so much for your note. Yes, he was a great talent and fans will always miss him.

Thanks for your note.



About the photo if people dont want to see it they dont have to. If its offencive to u then dont look at it. I'm a huge Pac fan and i wanna know the truth no matter how offencive it is to anyone. What's offencive to me is people lying about him. Me and I think a lot of 2Pac fans dont care about what others think, we care about 2pac and not others opinions.


Thanks for your comments.


Hello Cathy

I came upon your website during my travels on the net My compliments on a job well done . You are a talented lady . I wish you much success .

My name is Micheal Teal. I am a psychic/metaphysical practitioner in Canada. I found your site very entertaining. May all your days be happy ones.


Dear Micheal,
Thanks for your note. I appreciate your comments.

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What do you know about Tupac's former friend Randy "stretch" Walker who was murdered in 1995? I haven't seen much information on that.



Stretch Walker was murdered exactly a year to the day after Tupac was shot the first time. in Manhattan at Quad Studios. Walker was a witness in that case and was with Tupac when it happened. Walker's murder was treated just like any other case; low key and not high profile. At the time of that murder, the studio shooting had already been closed; I spoke with police in New York when I was there. They did not look into Walker's murder as having anything to do with the Manhattan shooting.

Hope this answers your question.

Best regards,

Hello Cathy,

I would like to commend your work on "The Killing of Tupac Shakur". I am currently a senior in college and major in English, so I have a good appreciation for quality writing.

The question that I have for you concerns a recent interview that I read on which stated that you had a color autopsy phot of Tupac Shakur and were considering posting that version on your website. I was wondering if that is indeed true and if so when might the color photo be posted for viewing?

Any answers to these questions would be greatly appreciated.

Shihan Isshinryu


The autopsy photo I have is in color. It was published in black and white in my book. My web master will be posting it to my site.

Thanks for the note.

Cathy Scott


I was wondering why don't you or anyone have a picture of Notorious B.I.G.'s autopsy? every one made such a big feal about Tupac's so why wasn't Biggies ever realesed? Do you know? thanks!




Because an autopsy photo of Tupac Shakur was leaked to me, the LAPD immediately sealed any records, including photos, about Biggie's murder, trying to prevent a similar leak from occurring. It worked. No coroner's photos of Biggie have ever been released or leaked to the media and I doubt they ever will.

Thanks for the question and for stopping by my site.

Best regards,

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Fr. Patrick



I just finished your book on Fr. Seraphim today. Well done! It should help balance the picture of this great soul. At the end of the book you refer to what happened following Fr. Seraphim's repose, do you in tend writing about that?

Best wishes,
Fr. Patrick

Dear Father Patrick,

Thanks very much for your note. No, I don't intend to write about what's
happened since my uncle's death. It didn't have anything to do with him. I
was just trying to update the reader on the status of the Brotherhood.

Thanks again for your kind words.

Cathy Scott


thanks for the work on both murders, XXL magazine piece gave some of us a reminder of how hard you've worked on both cases.

Hope the Fall goes well for you. M



Thanks so much for the note. I do appreciate it.




You do not know me but I really want to say thank you. My friend told me about your web site and said don't go untill I felt ready. I was as you would probablly guess a die hard Tupac fan. I too thought that Tupac was still alive. I saw the picture and now truly believe in my heart that he is really gone. Thank you for your proof, and being such an excellent reporter.

Thanks, Krystal



Thanks for visiting my site.


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hi cathy,

i am a big fan of tupac. i cried when i found out he died. my question to u is why did u decide to write a book on tupac shacur or what was ur interest in him? i would appreciate it if would would answer me


Dear Jess,

I wrote a book about Tupac Shakur and his murder case because, as a crime beat reporter for a Las Vegas newspaper at the time, I covered the shooting. It was an interesting case; I continued reporting and ended up writing a book about it.

Best Regards.



This is a very nice site, I havent read your book but I'll look in to it. My question is what caliber were the bullets that killed Tupac?

Thanks for your time!



My understanding is that they were from a Glock, which means they were .40 caliber bullets.





Dear Juicyneka,

You can read all about him in my next book, "The Murder of Biggie Smalls," due to be released the first week in September. There's also new information in it about Tupac and the New York City and the Las Vegas shootings.

Thanks for your note.



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Margaret Ruschman

Hi Cathy,

I saw your interview on KVBC-TV in which you said you were writing a book on the above [Ted Binion] case. There has been a lot of interest on the (Las Vegas) Review-Journal message board with people asking if a book was being written. I posted that you were writing a book entitled Death in the Desert. Do you have an approximate publication date for it? Who is publishing it? Id' be glad to pass this info on to the posters on the message board (or you might want to do this).

I read the reviews of your book on Tupac Shakur and they were all complimentary. I am curious as to whether you have had difficulty getting info on the Binions. You mentioned that you were friendly with the Tabishes, but I'm sure your book (from what I've read of your first one) will cover all sides of this tragedy.


Margaret Ruschman


Dear Margaret,

Thanks for the note. "Death in the Desert: The Ted Binion Homicide Case" should be released the last quarter of this year. I have a book contract, but I'd rather not say just yet who the publisher is. And, yes, I'm telling both sides of the story. I've interviewed people from all angles. It will be an accurate portrayal, and not just what the jury heard. 

To keep Binion watchers updated, they can check out the status of the book on my web site at (you may post my email address).



Dear Cathy,

Could you answer this question please. In Tupac's autopsy photo, surely his hair or beard would have grown after 1 week in intensive care. In the photo, he has a shaved head with no signs of stubble on his face.

Thanks. Scott.


Dear Scott,

According to an Intensive Care Unit nurse at University Medical Center, where Tupac stayed for six days: Patients who don't have head injuries and were clean shaven when they arrived are also shaved while in the hospital as part of their daily bathing routine. Tupac met those requirements during his hospital stay.

Thanks for the question. It was a good one.




why isn't tupac on the social security death index?



Dear sugeknight7,

According to the Social Security Administration, the Death Master File "contains the records of deceased persons who possessed Social Security numbers and whose death had been reported to the SSA. In most cases a report of death was made in connection with Social Security death benefits." In Tupac's case, his estate didn't have to report his death because he wasn't receiving benefits and his beneficiary wasn't eligible for future benefits.



In a message dated 4/10/00,  writes:

Q: Cathy, I first saw you on a UK Tupac documentary in '98, you certainly know the info on what happened on Sept 7th 1996. Just a couple of questions; What is your opinion on the 2pac 7 theories, as in "The 7 day theory" and all the 7's that appear in his films. Also have you seen Chuck D's alive theories, if so, what do you think of them??

Thanks for your time.

Dear Woodpecker26,

I am very familiar with the "7day theory" and what some fans point to as proof that Tupac is alive and well. I think the theory is just that: a theory based on number coincidences (the numbers in his age -- 25 -- adding up to seven, his death on Friday the 13th, etc., etc.). Similar theories of coincidences with numbers were posed with the JFK assassination. As for ChuckD's "alive" theories, he wrote those the week Tupac died. Chuck D, now a TV music and talk-show host, has since recanted those notions.

Thanks for the note.

In a message dated 3/22/00, writes:

Q:  Hi Cathy,

I have read your book on tupac and found it to be quite informative. I am a HUGE fan of tupac and currently am making a tupac site of my own. But ill get to my question. I read on a website that you said you have the original autopsy photo in your possession and that is a color photo. If the above is true, then why not show the color photo? I think the color photo would only improve the picture quality and that more people would believe that he really is dead. Tupac you are forever held in our hearts..please forgive those who allow you not to rest in peace by claiming that you are alive.

P.s. don't give God to hard of a time up there.

Cathy please post all of the above on your "ask Cathy section" on your website.


sincerly yours,

Mike Coughlin"

Dear Mike,

Yes, I have the original color autopsy photo of Tupac lying on a gurney in the Clark County Coroner's Office. The main reason I chose not to put the color photo on my web site is that the original is incredibly graphic and gruesome, as you can imagine. I've gotten a lot of flak for releasing the black and white photo, mostly out of concern for Tupac's family. It is not easy to look at.

Good luck with your site.

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Q:  "Cathy,

I purchased and read the book a couple week after it came out. Let me say it is a great book for Pac fans who want more information on the murder. I have been on the internet around Pac fans on the net and have even been involved with a few websites dedicated to him. Even after the autopsy photo has come up, I was shocked to see that these people still attempt to say Tupac is alive. They even claim the autopsy photo is fake. I don't know if you have seen the video "California Love" (the remix video) when Tupac awakes from his dream (california love) They claim that the autopsy picture was taken from there (where he was laying down with his eyes closed on the bed much like in the autopsy photo) and then edited to appear to be an autopsy. It's kind of shocking to think that some people won't accept something right in front of their eyes. If you could elaborate on that, your feelings toward people that claim he is alive and his overwhelming presence on the internet.

Thanks, JG"

Dear JG,

Yes, I've heard the same thing. The autopsy photo is, indeed, authentic and official. I agree that some people, no matter what, want to believe that Tupac lives so they've come up with these theories and justifications as to why certain facts just can't be true. They have to debunk everything that points to his being dead so they can keep him alive. My thinking is, if he is alive, then produce him, the man, in the flesh. They can't, of course, because Tupac Shakur died on September 13, 1996..

Thanks for the note.

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Q: "Dear Cathy: I have bought your book and I think its the best, Iam so intrested into Tupac and I see you are to but my question is.. Do you like Tupacs music? Because it doesnt seem you do no offense haha also I do belive he is dead and I think this stupid talk of him alive is really getting old..I think we all should let him Rest In Peace and I read your website and I see you try to tell the people it but its not sinking in. And I also have a few more questions I want to know 

Why did Tupacs mom spary ash's over a park? 

Why did they cancel all the public funearls 

Who was at the funeral was Death Row members there? 

Has the cops stop on the case? 

Please answer these and put them on your site because people wanna know! Maybe yea can write some more books on Pac...P.S What you have done is really great and Iam a great fan of you keep on bringing more about 2pac!Thug N Peace TUPAC SHAKUR 1971-1996!"

Dear Methodman,

    First of all, thank you for your kind thoughts about  The Killing of Tupac

Shakur. To be honest, I barely knew who Tupac was until he was shot. At the time, I was a crime beat reporter assigned to the case. I quickly became educated! Since then, of course, I have listened to a lot of his music. I must confess, Iím not a big rap fan, although I enjoy hip hop -- Lauryn Hill and R. Kelly, specifically. I'm a fan of Tupacís movies. He was a talented actor. 

    From what I was told, Tupacís mother, Afeni Shakur, wanted to scatter Tupacís ashes over the neighborhood he felt most at home in, and that was L.A., which was where he was living when he was killed. So she held a small, private, closed funeral for family and close friends only. To find out why she did it the way she did, youíd have to ask her. I canít speak for her. As witnessed by the Biggie Smalls funeral, which incited a mob scene, my understanding was that Tupacís mother wanted to keep it low key and not have it become a spectacle. Given the international media attention that was afforded Tupacís shooting and subsequent death, it probably was a sound decision. I was told those in attendance were close friends, including Suge Knight and members of his back-up group the Outlawz, as well as family members.

    The murder investigation has stalled but it is still open. No suspects

have formally been named or charged.

Again, thanks for the note.


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