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Biggie Articles

Rap slaying similar to Shakur's

The Times' claim that B.I.G. arranged the killing

Sandi Denton outside funeral home
Rap Goes Mainstreet


Biggie questions still arise over who had rapper killed






The Murder of Biggie Smalls

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Book Reviews:

"A thorough report on the investigation of the drive-by shooting of one of rap music's top stars. Journalist Scott went into the 'gangsta' worlds in both New York and Los Angeles. A compelling tale that reveals an exotic world based in greed, violence, and the need for self-expression."

Kirkus Reviews

"Whereas others who have dealt with this stuff have often neglected to humanize the principals involved, Scott points up biographical details that bring them into focus as human beings. For setting the record straight as well as for limning a major pop music star, this is a valuable book."

Mike Tribby, Booklist

"Cathy Scott's The Murder of Biggie Smalls is an engrossing examination of the death of the beloved Big Poppa and the resulting investigation."

From the editors at barnesandnobel.com

Definitely worth a read is Cathy Scott's The Murder of Biggie Smalls (St. Martin's Press), a book by a Las Vegas journalist that examines the theories and facts around the rapper's still unsolved 1997 murder in L.A. Scott, who wrote The Killing of Tupac Shakur, doesn't know much about hip hop, but she knows how to talk to cops and read court testimony. The picture painted of the investigation of Biggie's murder is more detailed than anything found in the music press.

Nelson George, Africana Magazine

"Just as in the Tupac Shakur case, someone else has gotten away with murder. My research took me to Los Angeles and New York City, and to Brooklyn, where Christopher Wallace, a k a  Biggie Smalls, grew up. The book is an in-depth investigation of how and why he was gunned down on an L.A. street. His murder remains unsolved, although LAPD investigators are still working actively on solving the crime."

Cathy Scott


  Booklist Review                

Still unsolved murder of rap great Biggie Smalls . . .

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