Seraphim Rose: The True Story and Private Letters

"(Scott's) book is filled with examples of Rose's letters to his friends--scattershot musings on life, God, philosophy and culture."

Michael Balchunas

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"Seraphim Rose: The True Story and Private Letters, is the moving story of a spiritual passage from secularism to vibrant faith and saintly monastic asceticism. Scott opens Fr. Seraphim's life and thinking in a new and personal way." 

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"Fr. Seraphim Rose is said to be single-handedly responsible for the spread of Russian Orthodoxy in the West. He lived as the ancient monks did, but in the hills above Redding, California, atop his mountain in Platina. There, he wrote and translated the ancient Russian fathers' works. Fr. Seraphim Rose died in 1982. This is his story, of how Eugene Rose came to be Fr. Seraphim Rose."

Cathy Scott




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Lives of a Saint 

by Michael Balchunas


Fr. Seraphim Rose



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Hand Painted image of Fr. Seraphim from Russia